Recent Highlights

Working with T-Mobile? The agency equivalent of Dog Years. Hundreds of posts, snaps, tweets, and grams kept the Un-Carrier flowing in 2015 and 2016. Custom video, animation, motion graphics, photography and more day-in, day-out across three US offices without fail, and always with a smile. Now that's what I call social networking.

Someday I hope to own a Tesla. Perhaps #Sumday will get me there? Together with BNY Mellon we created an entirely new way for Millennials to invest for the future: one hashtag at a time. Establishing a joint agency-client start-up within our four walls, we took the product from concept to launch in less than a year. 2014.

Pizza Hut
The 'Hut has long been the favorite purveyor of pies to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So – with a movie reboot around the corner – it made perfect sense to reunite the brands, frothing Comic-Con attendees into a collective Nerdgasm in the process. The afterglow? All the major press outlets recognized our play as proof-positive that nothing makes Facebook gold more than irresistible content. 2014.

Gillette / Tinder
Beards, Mustaches, Man Buns? Oy vey! How do you talk guys out of their razor-shunning follicle fouls? Marketing 101 – Sex. We correctly hypothesized that college-aged girls would prefer their guys clean-shaven. To prove out our point, we got Gillette into a relationship with Tinder, the hottest brand on block, who had repeatedly stated they couldn't be bought with marketing dollars. Everyone has a price. Everyone. 2015.

Paul Chambers is an award-winning, formally trained Interactive Creative Director with twenty years experience conceiving and articulating digital campaigns and Interactive experiences that exist independently or extend traditional media.

Paul has worked with the world's leading agencies and has acted as the brand steward for a number of high profile clients. Whether rolling up his sleeves and producing his own work or guiding and inspiring teams to bring their best to the table, he has found particular success at pitching new business.

Oldies But Goodies

Time to inject a dose of cool into a tiring African American brand. A completely new dot-com experience to showcase Spike DDB's complete re-invigoration of the brand. Plus I got to meet Spike Lee. How's that for cool? 2009.

Isn't it time we improved upon DVD extras? Of course it is. We did it by supercharging AMC's cult movie back catalog with a little bit of Facebook magic dust: Yeah TV. 2011.

Every energy drink wants to be with you there in the moment, but PepsiCo's Amp is the energy drink of the moment before the moment. The only drink to sponsor your readiness for the big event. 2009.

Don't tell anyone but I'm still partial to a drop of Baileys. And it was my responsibility to pass on my guilty pleasure for three years. Digital brand steward for the Original Irish Cream between 2007 and 2010.

Black & Decker
Finally: lasers take a break from their role in galactic warfare to help us meager earthlings with a few home improvement projects. Addy award winning creative for the brand's line of laser-leveling tools. 2004.

Clean & Clear
Let's face it, teenagers have enough on their plate without acne. I did my part to lower the national zit index during my role as the North America and EMEA digital brand steward between 2007 and 2010.

Every now and then we get called upon for a 'vision piece.' Case in point: a complete re-imagining on, clearing the clutter of the existing site and placing emphasis firmly on care, convenience and context. 2011.

Delta Airlines
Sometimes the best way to communicate a complex digital idea is to use a decidedly analog solution. And it stores in the seat pocket in front of you.

I like my combustion engines like I like my shirts: clean. And now so does ExxonMobil. After five years without a campaign, ExxonMobil's fuels division approached DDB to return their gasoline to consumer's minds with a global campaign launch. 2010.

Sure - for a while there - every client wanted an app, but HTML5 gesture support and the ability to tap into device features such as GPS now means that mobile websites can mirror proprietary experiences. We solved Ford's forecourt needs.

HPV is a serious global epidemic that's the responsibility of young men as much as women. I helped spread the word as the global brand steward for all digital initiatives between 2008 and 2010.

New York City Barbers have turned Telling-It-Like-It-Is is into an art form. So it made sense that when you need to expound the virtues of a new razor these would be the folks who wouldn't pull any punches. Thankfully, they fought a clean fight. Social work. 2015.

In collaboration with Google, we worked to bring the Internet giant's dream to life - bringing the world's greatest galleries and museums into the homes of every art lover and I finally got to flex my Fine Art Degree. 2011.

North American brand steward for the black stuff from 2007 to 2010 including leading the brand through its 250th anniversary year. Sláinte. That's Gaelic for cheers, pronounced 'slawn-cha'. like ... 'lawn-chair.'

Hong Kong Jockey Club
Possible took a gamble by designing and building the world's first interactive betting tables, installed at the Adrenaline night club at Hong Kong's prestigious Happy Valley racetrack. The 2 year project launched in 2012.

Did you ever wish Wolfgang Puck was 9' tall? We did, developing an unprecedented multi-user touchwall for HSN highlighting their exclusive collection of his products. The wall debuted at the 2012 National Retailers Federation before becoming an ongoing part of the network's digital arsenal.

Helmed the worldwide digital creative in 2006 & 2007.

Launched the Viiv, Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo Extreme, Centrino and Centrino Duo brands.

Learned to love silicon.

Intel TV
Couch surfing: in 2012 Intel engaged our expertize in interactive TV interface design to develop concepts to showcase the company's ability to detect the viewer or viewers seated in front of the TV and serve up content accordingly.

Macy’s Beauty Spot
Losing cosmetics market share to Sephora, Macy's approached us to re-invigorate their shopping experience. We responded by introducing the retailer to the 'Beauty Spot' – a digital editorial and eCommerce experience, now embedded in their flagship stores.

Macy’s Magic Dust
Gift giving during the holidays can be an intimidating prospect, so we asked what if Macy's drew on the power of crowd sourced gift data to ensure your present this year doesn't go the way of last year's knitted sweater?

Landed the digital business for MRM with pitch-winning creative, and went on to lead the agency's online marketing efforts for the brand putting the brand online in a big way for the first time. Taking credit: 2005.

Sure, 100% Krill Oil is great for your heart. But how do you sell the public on the heart-healthy benefits of deep sea whatchamacallits? You don't. Instead, you go for the heart. We asked cardiac-challenged Americans what their heart actually beats for and sparked an emotionally charged conversation around what had long been simply a prosaic packaged product.

Michael Kors
When Michael Kors knew they had something special in the hash-tag #CelebrateWith, we stepped up to show them that Twitter was just the beginning for their 2012 holiday campaign.

What will you celebrate the season with?

Morgans Hotel Group
Morgans Hotel Group, the originators of the boutique hotel concept may have trail-blazed in hospitality, but by 2012 they had fallen behind in telling their story socially. Enter 'Back of House,' the global cultural hub that now tells their ongoing story.

Led the dot-com redesign during 2007 & 2008. Launched the brand's groundbreaking personalized skin evaluation site

Got in touch with my feminine side.

Rockstar Games
In 2009 I was approached by the Chief Marketing Officer of Rockstar Games New York to contribute my take on cracking the nut of marketing their upcoming video game, Red Dead Redemption.

Sesame Street
Landed the client for Magnani Caruso Dutton with a pitch-winning strategy and creative execution. The radical redesign has since gone on to sweep up awards including an Emmy and a Peabody Award and I got to meet the Muppets. 2006.

Steinway & Sons
Over the course of my career I am proud to have helped develop many brand guidelines. In 2009 I coordinated the New York and Hamburg offices of Tribal DDB in the global re-branding of Steinway & Sons piano families.
Back in 2009, if you googled 'Margarita,' Diageo brands were missing out on search results. SEO-supercharged completely rethought their outdated brand-site as bar-keep's best friend.

U.S. Army
'Tention soldier - pitch-winning creative for McCann Worldgroup. Let me tell you, pitching the US Army was one heck of an experience. Some might say it made a man out of me. 2005.

In 2009, DDB participated in one of the biggest agency of record pitches of the year. I was a member of the core team, leading the digital creative under the campaign "Uncommon Sense."

Pitched and won the digital business for the agency. The client was never to know that I was a vegetarian. Far as I know, they still don't. 2004.