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Beards, Mustaches, Man Buns? Oy vey! How do you talk guys out of their razor-shunning follicle fouls? Marketing 101 – Sex. We correctly hypothesized that college-aged girls would prefer their guys clean-shaven. To prove out our point, we got Gillette into a relationship with Tinder, the hottest brand on block, who had repeatedly stated they couldn't be bought with marketing dollars. Everyone has a price. Everyone. 2015.
In collaboration with: MRY

Case Study Video

We worked with Tinder to analyze 100,000 guys’ profiles comparing their facial hair against their swipes. The numbers proved out our hypothesis that girls preferred their guys clean shaven. We then took these results (and some of the profiles) to girls on college campuses across the country to hear their take on the results first hand:

The press picked up on our results, not just because we’d proved out our theory but because we had become the first brand to find a way to work with Tinder, a network without an ad model:




Campus Activation

With the test results in hand, we leveraged the news with a nationwide campus activation, developing marketing kits for student brand ambassadors to spread the word physically and through social.

Ultimately we rocked up at choice locations to shave some student stubble. On site we incentivized local sororities to pull in the guys to earn money for their charity drives and coined the term, Shave & Release.

Poster and Flyer Collateral




Video Recap

Finally, with all this great material at our disposal we pulled together an animated micro-site to spread the news further:



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