New York City Barbers have turned Telling-It-Like-It-Is is into an art form. So it made sense that when you need to expound the virtues of a new razor these would be the folks who wouldn't pull any punches. Thankfully, they fought a clean fight. Social work. 2015.
In collaboration with: MRY

Gillette Fusion ProGlide: Real Respects Real

What do you do when Dollar Shave Club is taking the shirt off your back? You remind people that cheap blades are a false economy by showing your blade in action. And you counter Dollar Shave Club’s bold, direct claims by bringing in some tough talking spokesmen of your own – New York City Barbers.

The following videos were used intact, as cut-downs, lifts, and static social posts in the Summer of 2015 to win back market share and highlight Gillette’s latest razor, the Fusion ProGlide.

Director Marcus Clarke turned these conversations into beautiful vignettes:


Our Original Treatment

“To prove the Fusion Proglide delivers more smoothness and closeness than other blades, we’re putting it in the hands of the experts, guys who’ve made their living, and their name, one shave at a time: big city barbers. Guys who are among the best at what they do, and can testify that the only blade to meet their high standards says “Gillette” on the handle.

By stepping into their world, we’re stepping into a microcosm of the city itself. We’ll see and hear it all: different cultures, languages, sounds and styles. There are a million stories to be told—funny, profane, nostalgic, topical. Within them, endless amounts of tradition and firsthand knowledge of shaving. The kind that can help separate the men from the boys, the real from the pretenders and the Gillette Fusion Proglide from its competitors.”

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