Hong Kong Jockey Club

Possible took a gamble by designing and building the world's first interactive betting tables, installed at the Adrenaline night club at Hong Kong's prestigious Happy Valley racetrack. The 2 year project launched in 2012.
In collaboration with: Possible

‘IBU’ Interactive Betting Tables

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the sole organization providing horse racing, sporting and betting entertainment in Hong Kong under a special arrangement with the local government.

As racing fans began to age out, the HKJC realized that it needed to appeal to impatient, technology-obsessed, but affluent young Hong Kongers. To help, the organization reached out of China and engaged Possible’s expertize in touchscreen development to bring a technology world first to the VIP nightclubs that the organization has recently installed at their tracks to attract younger betters – interactive betting tables.

The initial five tables (currently the largest touch enabled tables in the world) we developed each allow up to eight simultaneous players to bet in a social, fun environment, cocktails in hand. The table surfaces deliver up racing forms on the current race, horses, and jockeys, and allow club members to place bets using RFID enabled member cards during the race build up. Meanwhile high security middle-ware was developed to ensure that the tables can’t be hacked in an environment where millions of Hong Kong Dollars change hands daily.

During the race, the tables continue to serve up real time race statistics as the club members move to the nightclub windows to take in the sights of the sport of kings.

Video Case Study

In The Club


The Tables Debut Party



Demonstration Video From The Table’s Player Stations

Interface Designs





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