Did you ever wish Wolfgang Puck was 9' tall? We did, developing an unprecedented multi-user touchwall for HSN highlighting their exclusive collection of his products. The wall debuted at the 2012 National Retailers Federation before becoming an ongoing part of the network's digital arsenal.
In collaboration with: Possible

Wolfgang Puck “Pizza Challenge” Touchwall

To highlight HSN’s growing kitchenware offering we partnered with hardware provider Intel and developed a virtual pizza kitchen that would allow up to four guests at a time to make a pizza under the guidance of Wolfgang by playing five themed games for dough, tomato sauce, cheese, toppings, and finally baking.

After completing the games, players could then explore Wolfgang’s products further and email or SMS their completed pizzas to their friends along with special offers to purchase Wolfgang’s products.

The massive multi-user touchwall ran a bespoke Adobe Air application which included directional audio and incorporated over 100 clips of green-screen video footage, but took just six months to complete from initial concept through final hardware installation. The unit was deliberately built from twelve LCD units with bezel-less touch overlays so that it could be assembled and disassembled quickly as it toured the country.

In addition to touring with a variety of software applications, the wall now also regularly appears in the studio on broadcast segments with custom software written to allow the screens to emit broadcast friendly color.

Composition Used During Look & Feel Development


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