Macy’s Magic Dust

Gift giving during the holidays can be an intimidating prospect, so we asked what if Macy's drew on the power of crowd sourced gift data to ensure your present this year doesn't go the way of last year's knitted sweater?
In collaboration with: Possible, MediaCom

Macy’s Mobile Magic Dust

The App allows family members to group together on group discounts based on combined family gift spending while also letting them to draw up profiles on their family to discover recommended gifts. The more the family shop for each other at Macy’s, the more they save.



macys-holiday-app-3 Holiday Gift Smarts

Driving family gift recommendations is a plug-in at during the holiday season that identifies trends in nationwide gift purchasing and draws parallels with family members to ensure that proposed gifts are well suited and will be well received.

Facebook sharing allows family members to anonymously (via Macy’s) hint their gift wishes to other family members while lending weight to popular gift recommendations in the national database of gift recipient archetypes.




Family Discount Cards

Non app users signed up for the program can use a common bar-code gift card that keeps gift buying hidden from others but tallies up the family expenditure to offer deeper discounts to all.



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