Sure, 100% Krill Oil is great for your heart. But how do you sell the public on the heart-healthy benefits of deep sea whatchamacallits? You don't. Instead, you go for the heart. We asked cardiac-challenged Americans what their heart actually beats for and sparked an emotionally charged conversation around what had long been simply a prosaic packaged product.
In collaboration with: MRY

Jay’s Story

Director: Martha Jeffries

Carol’s Story

Director: Martha Jeffries

Sensum Videos

The heart of the idea (pun very much intended) was to not only talk to folks about their passions, but to quantify their heartbeat as well. While the emotional stories ended up becoming our lead creative, we had a nice secondary support story to share by showing how their hearts raced as they talked about their hobbies turned second careers. Belfast’s Sensum – The Emotions Company – jumped at the chance to help us with their wearable heart monitoring technology to capture this data:

Tongal Videos

With our Carol and Jay stories in the can we had our creative “pace cars.” This allowed us to get thrifty and source and produce more provocative stories nationally at a fraction of the budget through Tongal. Here are a couple of highlights:

Two to Tandem

Director: Matt Sklar

The Grooming Shed

Director: Hodges Usry

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