Michael Kors

When Michael Kors knew they had something special in the hash-tag #CelebrateWith, we stepped up to show them that Twitter was just the beginning for their 2012 holiday campaign.

What will you celebrate the season with?
In collaboration with: Possible

2012 Holiday Microsite

Visitors to the site during the holiday season were presented with a randomized provocative full-screen image and accompanying “Celebrate with _______” phrase before being visually prompted to type in their own.

Behind the scenes, a database holding thousands of image/word combinations painstakingly curated by Possible and Michael Kors staff served up surprising results for visitors that delighted but stayed true to the brand. These finds could then be shared via Facebook and Twitter inviting friends to discover combinations for themselves.

Meanwhile, a percentage of image/word combinations served up direct e-Commerce access to Michael Kors products. Visitors could also access the “Gift List” draw to purchase curated seasonal gifts.








The site drew a lot of press over the holiday season, including features in Wired and Fast Company.


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