Morgans Hotel Group

Morgans Hotel Group, the originators of the boutique hotel concept may have trail-blazed in hospitality, but by 2012 they had fallen behind in telling their story socially. Enter 'Back of House,' the global cultural hub that now tells their ongoing story.
In collaboration with: Possible

Back of House Culture Site

We designed a fully responsive visual blog for the brand allowing the small but enthusiastic marketing team at Morgans Hotel Group to tell their story efficiently and effectively. The site acts as a sister site to the booking tools and property and amenity information at while also operating as an on-property guide to what’s hot in the neighborhood.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter updates are automatically pulled in from staff on their global propertiess and the marketing team are equipped with a suite of tools to moderate these feeds before they become part of the site. In addition, the team continues to post unique content daily aligning their brand with popular trends in music, food, film, theater, literature, fashion, and lifestyle.

By combining stories about behind-the-scenes life at the properties, observations on popular culture, and features on what makes Morgans Hotels so unique, the brand now has an ongoing voice that not only inspires potential guests, but has also shot their SEO rankings through the roof.












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