Pizza Hut

The 'Hut has long been the favorite purveyor of pies to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So – with a movie reboot around the corner – it made perfect sense to reunite the brands, frothing Comic-Con attendees into a collective Nerdgasm in the process. The afterglow? All the major press outlets recognized our play as proof-positive that nothing makes Facebook gold more than irresistible content. 2014.
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Case Study

Comic-Con Teaser

Launched on the Pizza Hut Facebook page a week prior to Comic-Con:

Comic-Con Reveal

Launched on the Pizza Hut Facebook page a couple of days prior to our Comic-Con appearance:

Behind the Scenes

The original TMNT Pizza Thrower designed by Playmates Toys in the Eighties. We knew this bad boy would tingle the nostalgia bone and drive Comic-Con goers crazy so we designed a point-based game that would allow attendees to compete for pizza, movie merchandise, and other swag. Now all we needed was to figure out how to make this thing life sized…


We brought Syyn Labs onboard to fabricate the Pizza Thrower. The Labs had made their name creating OK Go’s first hit viral music video. Initially a pneumatic piston was developed to launch the pizzas but this was ultimately replaced with a spinning belt system to ensure the pies flew true. The chassis came courtesy of a donated Toyota Rav4.


Special Effects Unlimited in Hollywood ended up providing the home base and fabrication crew for the project based on Synn Lab’s plans built to bring our game to life. As with all ambitious projects, timing was tight, and the crew worked right up until the night before launch, even during the transportation of the tank from LA to San Diego:






In addition to the unprecedented social traffic our teaser posts created for Pizza Hut’s Facebook feed, the press amplified our reach with over three thousand tech, pop-culture, and automobile sites picking up the story:






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