I am currently Group Creative Director at the New York City office of MRY overseeing social marketing for Visa, T-Mobile, Credit Karma, Charles Schwab, Del Monte, and Alcon.

Over the past twenty years, I have been thrilled to have led projects in all aspects of digital marketing, mobile, and web development: websites, micro-sites, eCommerce, online advertising, social networking, email, digital video, iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps, live streaming events, digital kiosks, digital outdoor, SMS, WAP, barcode scanning, interface design, virtual worlds and dynamic in-video game advertising.

“During the course of his career, Paul has demonstrated a superlative ability to develop the type of engaging creative programs that fuel successful global marketing … creative talent is integral to our mission of delivering exceptional client outcomes and with Paul we gain a strong creative vision and the ability to implement it across the full range of digital marketing platforms.”

– Trevor Kaufman, CEO Schematic / Chairman POSSIBLE