Someday I hope to own a Tesla. Perhaps #Sumday will get me there? Together with BNY Mellon we created an entirely new way for Millennials to invest for the future: one hashtag at a time. Establishing a joint agency-client start-up within our four walls, we took the product from concept to launch in less than a year. 2014.
In collaboration with: MRY


With investment accounts demanding high minimums and overflowing with inscrutable jargon, opening the door to a financially stable future comes at a price most American’s can neither afford nor understand.

Consequently, 53% of all Americans have no financial investments at all. And a staggering 75% don’t have enough money to last them 6 months.

Isn’t it time we democratized investing?

Enter Sumday. No, it’s not a misspelling. It’s a new way to save and invest for tomorrow. For everyone. Whenever, and wherever you’re able. Sumday provides an intuitive goal-based way to invest money in small but significant amounts. And Sumday is mobile, even allowing investment simply by adding a hashtag to your social post whenever your mind is on your future.

And the best part? The road to your Sumday starts with as little as a dollar.

A selection of screenshots from the mobile-first responsive website design:







Sumday Social

A small sample of launch posts for the Sumday Facebook feed:


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