In 2009, DDB participated in one of the biggest agency of record pitches of the year. I was a member of the core team, leading the digital creative under the campaign "Uncommon Sense."
In collaboration with: Tribal DDB Worldwide, DDB

Uncommon Sense is a company that is driven by people… not just their cars

Car sites tend to put their cars on stage, alone, as if that’s the only thing that matters. What makes VW uncommon is that car and driver are EQUALLY important. Because after all, it’s people who drive the VW brand. And so this idea is about letting people experience the CAR and the DRIVER at — so they can test drive the ownership experience vicariously though a REAL driver’s twitter feeds, Facebook status updates, Flickr uploads, and other social media content. It’s a way to experience the VW experience through the eyes of someone who knows a thing or two about VW — a real driver.





Uncommon Sense is comparing features… not cars.

The feeling a VW elicits. In this idea we demonstrated this through the Joy To The Road test drive event. Changing the conversation… from “what did you think of the test drive?” to “what did you think of the handling? The torque? The sound system?” Because we believe that when it comes to the specifics, VW wins every time. We proposed providing the means for salespeople and shoppers to capture what they thought of those features after a test drive… and provide a window into what others thought as well.




Uncommon Sense… is a car that can tell you about itself.

Dealer plates feature QR Codes that reveal information when viewed through VW Voyeur. Pointing your device at a car returns its specs and reviews, as well as current deals and local dealerships. The application is promoted through online media and mobile ads as a way to turn any car lot into a dealership lot.


Uncommon Sense… configuring your car at the dealer.

This augmented reality app is loaded on iPod Touches or iPhones and handed out at dealerships. Prospective buyers can aim the phone at a model and configure it live in the showroom. The application aggregates peer reviews and ratings to help inform decisions on everything from wheel types to interior patterns.



The proposed hub-site for the feature-specific elements of the campaign.





Rich-media online advertising examples

Prototype Flash examples built for the pitch. Use the video controls below each example to play the file.

Note: The following two video captures require Adobe Flash, and therefore do not render correctly on iOS devices.

Home page takeover:

Expandable banner:

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